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  • 08.01.2019GAMA aims to complete power plant project in Bahrain in the third quarter

    Delivered more than 400 large-scale projects in 25 countries in the geography from Ireland in the west to Skhalin island of Russia in the east since its establishment, GAMA Holding is constructing one of the most important projects of Bahrain. Noting that construction of the combined cycle natural gas power plant in Bahrain which they undertake is among the most important investments, GAMA Power Systems and GAMA Industry CEO Ahmet Ligvani said, “In October 2018, we succesfully completed the first unit of the power plant consisting of three units. We aim to complete our project in the third quarter of 2019”

    Reporting that GAMA Power Systems is amont the leading Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) in the global arena regarding power plants, Ahmet Ligvani pointed out that Gama Industry, GAMA’s other contracting company, is one of the largest companies in the global construction sector of industrial facilities and infrastructure. Noting that GAMA carries out total projects worth $ 3.2 billion in eight countries, including Turkey with 10 thousand employees, Ligvani reminded that Bahrain is among these countries.

    “It will be the first H-Class power plant in the Middle East”

    Ahmet Ligvani stated that they added a new one to the projects in the Middle East by taking part in the consortium that won the tender for the 800 MW ALBA PS5 Combined Cycle Poqer Plant in Bahrain. Emphazising that this plant is the first one utilized in an aluminum facility in the global arena and will be the first H-Class power plant established in the Middle East, Ligvani said, and “The ALBA PS5 Combined Cycle Natural Gas Power Plant is beign constructed to provide the electricity demand of the sixth aluminum casting line of ALBA. When this casting line is completed, ALBA will be the largest aluminum casting plant in the World”
    Underlining that they successfully completed the first unit of the power plant consisting of three units in October 2018, Ligvani stated, “We are planning to complete our project in August 2019. In our first business in the country, we have undertaken the construction of the largest and most efficient power plant in Bahrain. We believe that GAMA’s success in this project will pave the way for domestic companies in both Bahrain and the Middle East market”

    They plan to enter into the Bahrain market with GAMA Industry

    Stating that in a period when Bahrain’s attempts to become a financial center and diversfy the economy continues, the discovery of light shale oil and deep gas reservoir bigger that oilfields will make additional economic contribution to the country. Ligvani said, “We believe that this discovery, which will make a great contribution to the development initiatives and projects of Bahrain, will significantly boost the economy of the country.” “This increases our interest in the Bahrain market. We also closely follow the new paper plant investments in the country. On the other hand, we are making serious attempts to enter the Bahrain market with GAMA Industry, which has been in existence for 75 years in the Middle East and realized 75 large-scale projects in this region”, said Ligvani hinting that new business opportunities in the country will arise with these developments.
    Ahmett Ligvani emphasized that continuity is important in the market, stating that Turkish firms can easly find themselves place in Bahrain if they prove themselves with successful jobs. Ligvani addressed that Turkey-originated companies will increase ther success if they have the status of free trade without the need for consultancy and local partnership.
  • 06.09.2018GAMA is once again, in the "Top International Contractors of the World" listings of ENR 2018.
    McGraw-Hill/Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine has announced the "Top International Contractors of the World" in 2018 and GAMA has been ranked as the 108th biggest International Contractor. The companies are ranked based on the construction revenues in the international market. 

  • 05.09.2018GAMA Enerji is in the Turkey’s top 500 private companies listing of Capital Magazine.
    Turkey’s top 500 private companies were listed for the 21st time by Capital Magazine. GAMA Enerji was placed 107th by joining the list for the first time.
  • 03.07.2018GAMA Enerji A.Ş. is once again listed in top 500 companies in 2017 Turkey Fortune 500.

    GAMA Enerji A.Ş. is once again listed in top 500 companies in 2017 Turkey Fortune 500. Ranking up to 89th place, GAMA Enerji is one of the top 10 biggest jumpers in the list. We would like to thank our GAMA Enerji employees and all business partners for their contribution to this remarkable success.

  • 11.06.2018Announcement Regarding Recent Media Coverage - Turkish media coverage claiming GAMA has applied for “composition of debt” for “the four hotels it owns” is completely false

    Please note that recent Turkish media coverage claiming GAMA has applied for “composition of debt” for “the four hotels it owns” is completely false.

    GAMA Holding did not apply for composition of debt, and it does not have any ownership in any hotel.

    It needs to be noted that such baseless news and accusations lead to undeserved misunderstandings among our employees, partners, shareholders, banks, and damage the image of our company.  Necessary steps have been taken to put an end to such news and corrections have already been published by the media outlets. GAMA Holding, with all its employees, continues to operate fully and contributes to the Turkish economy as well as the economies of the countries in which it operates. 

    We respectfully ask the general public to not take into consideration any of the above mentioned false news coverage.

    GAMA Holding Directorate of Corporate Communications

  • 11.05.2018GAMA Enerji was awarded in the ‘Natural Gas Power Plants’ category in the 24th International Energy & Environment Fair & Conference.

     Tamer Çalışır, General Manager of GAMA Enerji, received the award for İç Anadolu CCGT with GE Power Servies Country Manager Ercüment Akıllı who was also awarded in the ‘’Main Equipment Provider’’ category. 


  • 09.03.2018
  • 26.01.2018GAMA Power Systems Has Been Worthy of Award in the 2017 Corporation Tax Category

    GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc, has been worthy of award in the 2017 Corporation Tax Category, among the firms contributing to the industry of Ankara. Mr Hakan Özman, Deputy Chairman and CEO of GAMA Holding, has received the 54th Year Award for 2017 Chamber of Industry of Ankara, from the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the ceremony held at the Presidential Establishment.

  • 27.11.2017GAMA Industry's subsidiary GATE has signed Multi Well Pad Project in Kazakhstan.

    GATE İnşaat Taahhüt San. ve Tes. A.Ş., a subsidiary of GAMA Industry with %50 share, has signed a new contract "Multi Well Pad Project" with Tengizchevroil in Kazakhstan. Multi Well Pad Project, within the scope of Future Growth Project, is planned to be executed in 53 months.  


  • 02.03.2017New Partner joining GAMA Holding

    A share sale agreement was signed for the amendment of the partnership structure at GAMA, founded in 1959 and operating in the construction of power plants, industrial plants, factories, high buildings and infrastructure and owning Energy and Public-Private Partnership Hospital investments. 

    Stating that the sale agreement of the transfer of 20 percent share of GAMA Holding to Evren Ünver was signed and the legal application process would be started, Deputy Chairman and CEO of GAMA Holding Hakan Özman pointed out that they were pleased to realize this partnership. Declaring - they would step into a new 60-year period with a new partnership structure, Özman said, “Our partners have paved the way for GAMA, which has always been known for its successful achievements for more than half a century, so that its present partnership culture could grow stronger in the future. With our new partner Evren Ünver, we will continue to create value in our new projects and investments both in our country and international markets”.  
    Evren Ünver, who has significant experience in the finance and contracting sectors in particular, also stated that he was proud of becoming a partner of GAMA, a very remarkable name in the contracting and energy sectors, and was happy to be part of such an institutional structure. In his declaration, Ünver pointed out that he sincerely believed GAMA, which has always been reputable since the day it was established, would also achieve new successes by growing and strengthening in the future.
  • 08.02.2017Turkey's first digital power plant powered by GE & GAMA Energy
    • GE and Gama Energy sign agreement to operate Turkey's first Industrial Internet solution in the energy industry
    • New Digital Solutions Provide Greater predictability, reliability, availability and Improved Plant Performance at Gama Energy’s Kirikkale plant
    • GE’s Expanded Capabilities to Provide Holistic Total Power Plant Services Offering 
    ISTANBUL- February 08, 2017.  GE (NYSE: GE) and Gama Energy (Gama) signed an agreement to operate the first digital power plant in Turkey. This deal marks the first use of industrial cloud software applications in a power plant in Turkey to improve efficiency and productivity. GE will install GAMA's 840 megawatt İç Anadolu Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant in city of Kırıkkale with its advanced digital solutions, Asset Performance Management (APM) and Operations Optimization (OO) solutions using Predix™, the operating system for the Industrial Internet.  Installation of these digital solutions is planned for Q1 2017.
    Sıtkı Şerifeken, Gama Energy General Manager said “We’re proud to be the first digital power plant adopter in Turkey through our collaboration with GE. GE’s enhanced total plant capabilities, advanced digital competencies and our 15 year history together give us great confidence in these new solutions to help us reduce maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency in the plant furthermore.”
    Today’s announcement builds upon last year’s multi-year agreement between GE and Gama to provide planned and unplanned maintenance services under availability and performance guarantees for two GE 9F.05 gas turbines and a GE D11 steam turbine.  These services, combined with digital solutions, provide Gama’s plant operators with greater insight to predict and diagnose asset failures with enough lead time to effectively plan maintenance schedules with more reliability, while ensuring high availability and a steady revenue flow from power plant operations. As part of the 15-year agreement, GE is deploying its Fleet360* platform of customized plant solutions to help improve performance and extend maintenance intervals.
    "Unplanned outages in power plants correspond to 3-8% of a plant's capacity” said Murat Demirel, GE’s Power Services Eastern Europe and Turkey General Manager. “GE's APM solution will bring a significant efficiency boost through early detection of such outages at power plants currently using this solution.  We estimate these solutions have the potential to save up to USD 3 million annually through early detection of outages." 
    The APM and OO software applications slated for implementation at GAMA's power plant can provide numerous operational benefits such as improved reliability and availability via enhanced predictivity, accurate performance monitoring and forecasting capability, dispatch optimization via better visibility into plant capability, and lower production costs and asset generation forecasting capability for improved asset dispatch. 
    Natural gas has the leading position in power generation with its share of 33% in Turkey.  Murat Demirel noted these digital solutions can help yield more plant operational efficiencies associated with limited natural gas resources.  
    $1.3 trillion value from digital transformation of the Electricity Industry
    The global power generation industry is preparing for a more efficient future with digital transformation. The World Economic Forum in 2016 estimated the digital transformation of electricity represents a $1.3 trillion opportunity by 2025. Equipping power plants with service platforms and utilizing cloud computing and Industrial Internet facilities there offer significant advantages in terms of efficient power generation and uninterrupted delivery to customers. 
    GE's Industrial Internet platform Predix™ supports digital transformation with its solutions in energy as with many others. Predix™ has already established an ecosystem for digitalization with more than 19,000 developers onboard. This ecosystem is expanding continuously with customers' demands and GE's collaborations. 
    GAMA Energy's İç Anadolu Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, based in Kırıkkale with a capacity of 840 MW, can alone provide 2.5% of power consumed in Turkey and more than 50% of power consumed in the capital Ankara. 
    GE has worked with GAMA Holding over the past 15 years on a variety of projects from combined cycle to thermal to renewable power plants focusing both on contracting and investment schemes. 
    About GE
    With more than 300,000 people operating in 175 countries, GE is the world’s Digital Industrial Company, transforming industry with software-defined machines and solutions that are connected, responsive and predictive. GE is organized around a global exchange of knowledge that we call the GE Store. It’s through the GE Store that each business shares and accesses the same technology, markets, structure and intellect. At GE, each invention further fuels innovation and application across our industrial sectors. With people, services, technology and scale, GE delivers better outcomes for customers by speaking the language of industry. 
    About GE Power
    GE Power is a world leader in power generation with deep domain expertise to help customers deliver electricity from a wide spectrum of fuel sources. We are transforming the electricity industry with the digital power plant, the world’s largest and most efficient gas turbine, full balance of plant, upgrade and service solutions as well as our data-leveraging software. Our innovative technologies and digital offerings help make power more affordable, reliable, accessible and sustainable. For more information, follow us on: 
    About GAMA Holding
    GAMA, founded in 1959, builds power plants, refineries, cement, petro-chemical and gas plants, factories, high-rise buildings, water treatment plants and transmission lines, bridges, and other infrastructural projects along with funding various energy investments. GAMA is a leading international contractor who have successfully completed 400 projects in 25 countries extending from Ireland in the west to Russia’s Sakhalin Island in the east. 
    About GAMA Energy
    GAMA Enerji A.Ş. develops and invests in power and water infrastructure projects in Turkey and the surrounding region with it’s 200 employees and 2.3 billion dollars of net investment. GAMA Enerji A.Ş. owns shares in plants which have total electricity capacity of 1088,80MW (equity capacity of 1050,50 MW), and water conveyance capacity of 100 million m3/year. For more information, visit www.gama.com.tr/en/energy.
  • 04.08.2016
  • 10.06.2016GAMA Power Systems at POWER-GEN Europe 2016, as Opening and Networking Sponsor, June 21th, 16:00-18:00 | Hall 3, Booth No. 3HA 76 - POWER-GEN Europe 2016, June 21st - 23rd 2016, Fiera Milano, Italy

    GAMA Power Systems, a member of GAMA Holding is a leading international EPC Contractor for power plants active in Middle East, Europe, Russia & CIS and Africa.

    Our goal is to increase the value we are providing to our stakeholders while adhering to our principles below at all times.
    · Ensuring customer satisfaction,
    · Operating in full compliance with contract requirements as well as relevant laws, regulations and standards,
    · Using resources in the most efficient manner in order to protect and improve the environment,
    · Assuring the health and safety of our employees, customers and third parties, 
    · Achieving continual improvement in quality,
    · Preserving and enhancing our human resources, financial power, and accumulated experience.
    We kindly invite you to attend the GAMA booth at POWER-GEN Europe 2016 exhibition and conference.
  • 29.12.2015New Shareholder Structure of GAMA Enerji

    Negotiations have been finalized and Share Sale Agreement (“SSA”) and Shareholders Agreement (“SHA”) singed with Malaysia’s largest electricity utility group Tenaga Nasional Berhad (“TNB”) for 30% of GAMA Enerji A.Ş’ shares.

    After completion of the necessary procedures and permitting process, the new shareholder structure of GAMA Enerji A.Ş will be as follows:
    50,5% GAMA Holding A.Ş. 
    30,0% Tenaga Nasional Bhd
    14,5% International Finance Corporation (IFC)
    5,0% IFC Global Infrastructure Fund Holding I  Coöperatief U.A. (GIF)
  • 12.11.2015GAMA Enerji A.Ş. continues its growth in generation portfolio with renewable energy.
    Highest bid in Turkish Privatization Administration’s open tender for Karacaören 1  and Karacaören 2 cascaded dam type Hydro Electric Powerplants (78MW-260,000,000 kWh/y) in Burdur and Isparta was made by GAMA Enerji A.Ş.


  • 11.11.2015GAMA & GE signs Memorandum of Understanding for Software Solutions
  • 02.11.2015GAMA Enerji new investment Kırkağaç WPP’s construction has recently started in city of Manisa.

    Consisting of 16 wind turbines with up to 2.85 MW capacity, wind farm total installed capacity will be 45 MW. Kırkağaç WPP’s expected commercial operation date will be in the last quarter of 2016 and annual average electricity generation will be 160 GWh.

    With this new investment, GAMA Enerji’s wind generation capacity will exceed 120 MW.

  • 12.10.2015GAMA is awarded his 30th Project in Saudi Arabia.

    In October 2015, GAMA has signed Khurais Satellite GOSP Project Contract with Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Ltd., the main contractor of Saudi Aramco. The project which is located on 180 km east of Riyadh and will be established on Italian Saipem technology. GAMA has undertaken all civil construction and electromechanical erection works, to be completed in 24 months.

  • 11.10.2015GAMA has been awarded for the first phase of Basra BP Oil Terminal.

    STFA-GAMA Taahhüt ve İnşaat A.Ş. is awarded on October 5, 2015 by Waterway Trading & Petroleum Services LLC (100% owned by BP) for the Project. The purpose of the Project is to accomplish the survey works prior to the detail design of EPC of the Oil Terminal.

  • 10.09.2015Contract for 1800 MW PP13 CCPP has been signed between GAMA Power Systems and Saudi Electricity Company (SEC)

    In order to meet the increasing demand of electricity in the country, approximately 320 Million US Dollars contract for the PP13 project has been signed between the Saudi Electricity Company and GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc.

    PP13 will be located approximately 140 kilometers west of Riyadh near Durma next to the already ongoing PP12 project.
    GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc., the EPC specialized company of GAMA Holding, will complete the plant by September 2016 of which the scope is limited engineering-procurement and electro-mechanical installation including partial supply of equipment and material, pre-commissioning and commissioning support. 
    PP13 will consist of two blocks with each block being a three-on-one combined cycle power block. Each power block will include three GE 7FA combustion turbine generators. 
    GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc., Vice Chairman and CEO Ozgur Eroglu noted that;
    "We have completed many important projects in Saudi Arabia as GAMA. Saudi Arabia is a key target and region for us; and our major goal now is to execute this valuable project in a timely and qualified manner.”
    Operations of GAMA Power Systems, the EPC company of GAMA Holding which has completed over 400 projects in 25 countries for 56 years; cover a combined package of engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning, start-up, warranty and spare parts services providing its customers with the complete spectrum. 
  • 24.07.2015First LNG Plant in North Pole shall be constructed by GAMA and Renaissance

    REGA JV, Joint Venture of GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc. and Renaissance Heavy Industries Inc. have signed construction design of CWP3B part of LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Plant which shall be constructed in Yamal Peninsula located in polar region of Russia. 

    Yamal LNG project shall be the first LNG Plant to be constructed in polar region. The plant shall be constructed in Sabetta town located in Yamal Peninsula of North Pole region of Russia where atmospheric temperature falls -50°C. The plant, which will be realized by using the high-performance technologies, is planned to be completed in 2 years.
    Construction of CWP3B part to be undertaken by REGA JV as sub-contractor of South Tambey LNG company includes; Modules Hook-up Works, Mechanical Works, Piping Works, EPC (Engineering - Purchasing - Construction) Tanks and Buildings, Electrical and Instrumentation Works. Units that comprise the plant shall be manufactured as huge modular units which can be considered as extraordinary, and shall be transported to the construction site due to though weather conditions and permafrost characteristic of the ground. All parts of the plant to be constructed shall rise above the steel platforms that shall be assembled on piles.
    Sabetta Airport which was constructed by Russian Government as a part of the project has the characteristic of being the first airport to be built in polar region in order to complete and operate a project. Besides, icebreaker and LNG tanker fleets are also supplied for the project.
    Murat Özkal, Board Member and Managing Director of GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc. and Alptekin Tizer, CEO of the Renaissance Heavy Industries Inc. emphasized that; “we are very pleased that our partnership is primary and preliminary”.
    In this huge project in which one of the largest industrial plant shall be constructed and icebreaker tankers shall be used, total of 16.5 million tons annual production capacity shall be achieved by completion of three units each having 5.5 million tons annual production capacity of liquefied natural gas. Approximately 3000 direct and 500 indirect personnel are anticipated to be employed during intense period of the project and employment opportunity shall be provided to Turkish, Russian and other countries’ citizens.
  • 15.07.2015IFC and IFC Global Infrastructure Fund Invest in Turkey’s GAMA Enerji to Boost Energy and Water Sectors


    IFC, a member of the World Bank Group, and a fund managed by the IFC Asset Management Company (AMC) have acquired a 27% stake in GAMA Enerji, supporting the company’s expansion of power and water services in Turkey and the region. This represents IFC and the Fund’s first equity investment in the infrastructure sector in Turkey and one of IFC’s largest equity investments in the infrastructure sector globally.

    GAMA Enerji is a power and water investment company headquartered in Ankara with operations in Turkey and Jordan. The company has an existing net installed capacity of 258 MW and 100 MCM/per annum of water conveyance capacity, and is currently constructing a power project of 840 MW (equity capacity of 806 MW) and developing a pipeline of greenfield power projects of 255 MW in Turkey. 
    “We are very pleased to welcome IFC and GIF as our partners to GAMA Enerji. This investment by IFC and GIF shows confidence both in GAMA Enerji and the power and water sectors in Turkey. Together with our new partners we look forward to establishing a new platform for our growth in Turkey and the region,” said Hakan Ozman, CEO of GAMA Holding and Chairman of GAMA Enerji.
    The energy sector remains one of the most important sectors for the Turkish economy. Energy generation, energy security, energy efficiency, and climate change mitigation are some of the many facets that Turkey focuses on, while working to meet the country’s energy demands.
    “This is IFC’s first equity investment in the Turkish infrastructure sector and one of IFC’s largest equity investments in infrastructure globally,” said Wiebke Schloemer, IFC’s Regional Industry Head of Infrastructure in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA). “By increasing the company’s power generation capacity to meet rising demand, we expect to help spur development and boost long-term growth in Turkey and beyond.”
    Darius Lilaoonwala, Co-Head of the IFC Global Infrastructure Fund, said, “This is the IFC Global Infrastructure Fund’s first investment in the EMENA region as well as the power sector globally. We are pleased to partner with GAMA Enerji, a growing company and important player in the power and water sectors in Turkey and the region.”
    IFC continues to finance power generation to meet Turkey’s growing medium to long-term needs. In the last five years, more than $3 billion has been leveraged by IFC to support private-sector efforts designed to increase energy generation, improve energy efficiency, and mitigate the impacts of climate change in the country.
  • 27.05.2015GAMA ENERJİ and AKUT, delivered 4.000 students training for disaster awareness through the theatre play “There is No Time to Waste!”
    With the project started in 2014, and covering primary schools in provinces Artvin, Mersin, Manisa and Çanakkale, where GAMA Enerji made investments, 4,000 students were delivered training for disaster awareness through 35 different games in total. Project was intended to convey precautions and information to minimize the losses, and save lives in cases of earthquake, fire and float which are all serious disasters, through a theatre play named “There is No Time to Waste!” by both entertaining and encouraging the students to think. After the play, Disaster Awareness and Measures Manual prepared by AKUT and presented to the students supported the information given in the training.

    In the last phase of the project run in Ezine, Çanakkale in May 25-27, 2015, AKUT president Ali Nasuh Mahruki and GAMA Enerji Managing Director Sıtkı Şerifeken came together with students, and had chat with the press members. GAMA Energy Managing Director Sıtkı Şerifeken, said that “ While making investments within the country and abroad, GAMA Enerji moves in compliance with the “Equator Principles” which are the rules adopted by international organizations for project financing, social responsibility and environment risk management. Therefore, whereas pursuing a nature friendly investment and operation policy, GAMA Enerji considers it to be a duty to run various corporate social responsibility projects, also with the awareness of corporate citizenship responsibilities. In that respect, we are glad to have completed a successful project in collaboration with AKUT, and we thank AKUT.”

    Ali Nasuh Mahruki, who attracted the attention by the students,  explained that “ With the aim of building a society resistant to disasters, we consider education to be one of the essential duties of AKUT, coming after search and rescue operations. Since our foundation in 1996, while saving lives in operations, we also delivered seminars for raising disasters awaireness to every segment of society. Children playing a fundamental role in the future of our country, have become the group of first priority for us. With the aim of delivering our children seminars for raising disaster awareness, the most efficienty and memorable way, we produced the play titled “There is No Time to Waste!” By the support of GAMA Enerji, we could present 4,000 children with the play we created with the slogan “lets build our feature together,” and raised the awareness of our 4,000 children about disasters. We thank GAMA Energy for such a significant collaboration."


  • 22.05.2015The groundbreaking ceremony of Kocaeli City Hospital whose construction will be started by GAMA and TÜRKERLER Partnership has taken place.

    With the participation of Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, the Minister Of Health and  Fikri Işık, the Minister of Science, Industry and Technology, foundations of Kocaeli City Hospital which will be realized with the Public Private Partnership - PPP System applied for the first time in Turkey  by the Republic of Turkey, the Ministry of Health, General Directorate Of Health Investments Public Private Partnership Head of Department have been laid.

    Vecdi Gönül, Former Minister of National Defence, Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, Kocaeli Governor, İbrahim Karaosmanoğlu, Kocaeli Mayor, members of the parliament, Ergil Ersü, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GAMA Holding, Kazım Türker, Chairman of the Board of Directors of TÜRKERLER Holding, company managers and 5 thousand invited guests attended the ground breaking ceremony of Kocaeli City Hospital which will realized with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of health and quality of service, spreading the diversity of treatment spread throughout the country, completing the regional development in the field of health and being able to offer cost-efficient health service. 
    Kocaeli City Hospital with 1180 total bed capacity, whose foundation has been laid, will be completed by the investor companies TÜRKERLER Holding and GAMA Holding partnership, and will be presented to the public service. In the Project whose total investment amount is 350 million Euros and which possesses a construction area of 335 thousand 648 square meters on 368 thousand 668 square meters building plot, 494-bed General Hospital, 116-bed Oncology hospital, 246-bed maternity and children's Hospital, 124-bed Cardiovascular Hospital, 100-bed high-security forensic psychiatric hospital and 100-bed physical medicine and rehabilitation hospital will be located.
    After its completion, Kocaeli City Hospital will be operated for 25 years by the Partnership of GAMA Holding and TÜRKERLER Holding.
  • 05.03.2015GE Supports GAMA Enerji’s Asset and Operational Value at Kirikkale Power Plant in Turkey.
    Helping Turkey increase its sustainable energy supply, GE recently announced a 20-year Contractual Services Agreement (CSA) with GAMA Enerji for an 840-megawatt combined cycle power plant in Kirikkale in central Turkey. Once the site has been commissioned – expected to happen in early 2016-, GE will provide planned and unplanned maintenance under availability and performance guarantees for two GE 9F.05 gas turbines and a GE 209D steam turbine.
    GAMA Enerji will benefit from GE’s latest technology, local resources and global experience for the next 20+ years.
    GE has worked with GAMA Holding over the past 20 years on a variety of projects from combined cycle to thermal to renewable power plants focusing both on contracting and investment schemes.
  • 22.12.2014GE Healthcare, GAMA Holding A.S. and Turkerler Holding Sign Collaboration Agreement for the Development of Ministry of Health PPPs in Turkey.
    Supporting Turkey’s healthcare transformation agenda via public-private partnerships (PPPs), GE Healthcare, GAMA Holding A.S. and Turkerler Holding have signed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for the development of two strategic Turkish Ministry of Health PPPs; the Kocaeli Health Campus Project and Izmir Bayrakli Health Campus Project.
    The MoU represents an important step for the GAMA and Turkerler consortium - who were awarded the design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the PPP projects by the Ministry of Health in 2012 - towards successful execution of the project.
    In line with GE’s commitment to support the development of a progressive Turkish healthcare system, this agreement provides a strategic framework for further negotiation between GE and the GAMA and Turkerler consortium for GE to become a shareholder in the projects, as well as to contribute to the PPP Projects.
    Hakan Özman, Deputy Chairman and CEO of GAMA Holding A.S.
    “Significant progress has been made in delivering on the Ministry of Health’s vision for the development of public-private partnerships that will improve capacity and quality of care in the public healthcare sector. As a Company committed to the development of Turkey across multiple sectors, this MoU with GE Healthcare marks a critical first step in the structuring of this multi-partner agreement as we strive to deliver on the Kocaeli Health Campus and Izmir Bayrakli Health Campus PPP Projects.”
    Kazım Türker, Chairman of Turkerler
    “The Ministry of Health has set clear goals for the delivery of the GAMA and Turkerler consortium for the Kocaeli and Izmir Bayrakli projects. General Electric offers a broad portfolio of technologies and capabilities and with a track-record of healthcare PPPs around the world, we are pleased to be in active and ongoing discussion to secure GE’s long-term participation as an equity investor and technology provider in realizing the Ministry of Health’s vision on these strategic PPPs.”
    Canan Ozsoy, President & CEO, GE Turkey
    “As part of its investment commitment, GE is proud to have entered into a number of strategic partnerships with Turkish entities and businesses aimed at supporting the goals outlined in Hedef 2023. The development of a buoyant and patient-centered healthcare system is a key pillar of this transformation strategy and we are pleased to have reached this critical milestone with the GAMA and Turkerler consortium in line with our long-term focus on developing public-private partnerships to drive sustainable healthcare transformation in Turkey.”
    Skander Malcolm, President & CEO, GE Healthcare Eastern & Africa Growth Markets
    “In line with GE’s focus on driving the expansion of a sustainable Turkish healthcare system, we are pleased to have reached a Memorandum of Understanding with GAMA and Turkerler, leaders in complex infrastructure development, in supporting the Ministry of Health’s PPP program.Strategic collaboration between the private and public sectors is essential to ensuring the long-term success of the PPPs. To that end, GE is localizing its global expertise and capabilities in technology, services and solutions offerings, asset management and financial solutions to boost healthcare sector efficiencies, knowledge and technology sharing.

    Further, reflecting the evolving healthcare needs of customers in the emerging markets, GE Healthcare’s 84-country Eastern and Africa Growth Markets (EAGM) region covering Turkey and the Middle East, Africa and Russia & CIS, was established in 2008, building on a heritage of more than 25 years of GE Healthcare in Turkey. Headquartered in Istanbul, EAGM’s focus in the region is to drive growth by partnering with customers to create solutions for better health system and patient outcomes.”

  • 27.10.2014GAMA ENERJİ and AKUT Co-sign a New Corporate Social Responsibility Project.
    GAMA Enerji and AKUT start a brand new project in order to give approximately 5000 students awareness of disasters in Artvin, Mersin, Manisa, İzmir and Çanakkale within the educational year of 2014 and 2015 in 33 educational institutions in total.
    While GAMA Enerji is commissioning investments both in the country and abroad, the company accepts and declares to behave according to the “Equator Principles” that are the accepted rules of international institutions in social responsibility in project financing and managing environmental risks. GAMA Enerji both follows an environmentalist investment and administration policy and carries various corporate social responsibility projects with the awareness of corporate citizenship duties.  
     Within this framework, in order to contribute to form awareness of disasters and a culture of a safer life in a sustainable world in the students and schools that are located in the regions GAMA Enerji is investing, GAMA Enerji has started a brand new Corporate Social Responsibility Project with AKUT Search and Rescue Association.
    In this project, it is aimed to give students precautions and information to keep the loses at minimum and to save lives in case of the most destructive disasters as earthquake, fire and flood with a theater play called “There is No Time to Waste” so that students will both spend good time and think.
    The first phase of the project has been realized in Artvin, Murgul on 21-22 October with four plays including 500 students. Volunteers of AKUT, who are also professionals of theater, found answers to the questions regarding natural disasters with the students in “There is No Time to Waste”, which is an interactive play. The information given to students during the play has been reinforced with the Disaster Awareness and Precautions Guide Lines that is distributed to students with a bag after the play.
  • 28.08.2014904 MW Erzin Natural Gas Combined Cyle Plant completed by GAMA Güç Sistemleri Mühendislik ve Taahhüt A.Ş. (Power Systems) has engaged in commercial activity.

    By using state-of-art technology, high efficiency and environmental awareness have been targeted in the 904 MW combined cycle power plant. The Engineering, Procurement and Construction contract was undertaken by GAMA Power Systems and GE Consortium and it has been foreseen that annually 6 billion 770 million kWh of electricity will be generated and 178.300 m3/h of natural gas will be consumed during 49 years.

    The achievement of commercial operation of the Erzin power plant shall increase the 67 GW installed capacity of Turkey by 1,3 %, and it will contribute to modernization of the energy infrastructure. 904 MW energy shall be generated in the power plant which shall meet 2,6 % of electricity need of Turkey and it will be among the most efficient power plants in the region.


  • 21.08.2014GAMA Enerji’s 35 MW Wind Power Plant Gökres II has been completed and started its commercial operations.

    GAMA Enerji is expected to prevent 142,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually by contributing to the environment almost equivalent to the clean air produced by 710 thousand trees with its more than 70 MW total installed capacity of wind power plants reached by the addition of Gök II WPP in Manisa, Akhisar.

  • 15.08.2014Corporate film of GAMA Holding has been renewed.
  • 10.06.2014GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc. has participated POWER-GEN EUROPE 2014 which will be held in Cologne, Germany.
    GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc. had an exhibition stand in POWER-GEN EUROPE which was held in Cologne, Germany between 3-5 June 2014 and the fair will host 15,000 participants.
    Europe’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to electric power generation, POWER-GEN EUROPE, returns for its 22nd staging with the participation of worldwide known major energy companies from over 100 countries while there was an intense interest on GAMA Power Systems’ booth.
  • 12.03.2014The ground-breaking ceremony of İzmir Bayraklı Integrated Health Campus to be realized by TÜRKERLER - GAMA has been completed.
    The ground-breaking ceremony of İzmir Bayraklı Integrated Health Campus which is sponsored by the Ministry of Health of Turkey’s General Directorate of Health Investments through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) model,   has been undertaken today with the participation of Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu, Minister of Health and Mr. Binali Yıldırım AK Party Candidate for İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor.

    Members of the Parliament, Governor of İzmir,  Mr Kazım Türker- Chairman of TÜRKERLER Holding, Mr Ergil Ersü - Chairman of GAMA Holding and the company executives of the companies were also present at the ceremony together with an intense public crowd.

    The construction period for İzmir Bayraklı İntegrated Health Campus is 36 months and it will be operated for a period of 25 years by the investing firms TÜRKERLER Holding and GAMA Holding.

    •        Total investment: 1,638,022,646 TL
    •        Total Construction Area: 622.530 square meters, the gross construction area is 573.546 square meters.
    •        Total capacity of beds: 2,060

    o   General Hospital: 715 bed capacity

    o   Woman’s and Children’s Hospital: 424 bed capacity

    o   Cardiovascular Diseases Hospital: 380 bed capacity

    o   Oncology hospital: 141 bed capacity

    o   Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Hospital: 300 bed capacity

    o   High-Security Forensic Psychiatric Hospital: 100 bed capacity

  • 18.12.2013ENR Magazine's 2013 Global Sourcebook is published.
    In the Top International Contractors:
    • In Power Sector, GAMA ranked # 49
    • In Fossil Fuel including natural gas, etc., GAMA ranked # 25
    • In Water Supply Sector, GAMA ranked # 15
    • In Transmission Lines and Aqueduct, GAMA ranked # 4
    • In Steel and Nonferrous Metals Sector, GAMA ranked # 11
    • In Chemicals Sector, GAMA ranked # 17
  • 12.12.2013GAMA Enerji started its largest CCGT power plant investment in Turkey.

    The CCGT power plant - held by GAMA Enerji - which has a total investment cost of approximately 900 million dollar, will meet 2,5% electricity consumption of Turkey and more than 50% of Ankara. At the category of CCGT power plants, the investment has the distinction of being one of the largest financing in recent years.

    GAMA Enerji started to invest the 840 MW Kırıkkale CCGT Power Plant in Kırıkkale. The power plant with its capacity and efficiency has a vital role among the ongoing and commissioned power plants. As the plant is expected to reach commercial operation date in 2016, and carbon emissions will be lower than the other CCGT power plants due to its capacity, high efficiency and state of art technology.

    Credit Agreement was signed with the club formed by five Turkish banks (Türkiye İş Bankası A.Ş., Türkiye Garanti Bankası A.Ş., Yapı ve Kredi Bankası A.Ş., Denizbank A.Ş. ve Türkiye Sınai Kalkınma Bankası) on the 22nd of November and the financial close was reached on the 3rd of December.

    The EPC Contract for the project was signed with the consortium formed by GAMA Power Systems and GE Energy in September 2013. The power plant will be a modern state-of-the art plant using the latest engineering technology: GE STAG 209 9FB with a 35 year design-life.

  • 15.11.2013GAMA Enerji has been awarded the “Construction Project of the Year” prize, for its investment in the Disi Water Conveyance Project in Jordan.

    For over a decade, the “Arabian Business Achievement Awards 2013” has been the premier awards ceremony in the business calendar. GAMA Enerji has been awarded the “Construction Project of the Year” prize, for its investment in the Disi Water Conveyance Project in Jordan.
    The Disi Water Conveyance Project is the biggest Turkish investment in Jordan. In 2010, the project, the largest privately funded water supply project in Jordan and in the surrounding region, received EMEA Finance’s “Best Infrastructure Deal in the Middle East: Disi-Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance System” award, as well as Euromoney’s Project Finance “Deal of the Year” award.

    The project involves extracting 100 million cubic meters of water annually for 25 years, from an aquifer located under the Disi Region, and pumping the water through a 325-kilometer-long steel pipeline to the reservoirs in Amman.
    According to statements made by Minister of Water and Irrigation H.E. Dr. Hazim El-Nasser, the Jordanian capital Amman will be supplied 250.000 cubic meters of water daily in addition to the current figure of 400,000 cubic meters. The project will help stabilize the water distribution program and enhance the quantities of drinking water the public receives. “It is expected that people will start to receive water up to four days a week instead of once per week,” the Minister said. Minister of MWI also added that Disi water will be distributed to other provinces in the Kingdom in the near future.



  • 04.10.2013The first ANKARA UNIVERSTY GAMA CONCERT of the season has been performed.

    The artists of Ankara University State Conservatory, Prof. Dr. Çetin Aydar, Prof. Dr. Orhan Ahsıkal, Ass. Prof.Dr. Sinan Dizmen, Ellen Jewett and the guest soloist İdil Biret gave an unforgettable evening performance to the crowded audience at the season’s first GAMA Concert which was held at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra concert hall on 30th.of September .
    During the concert, the artist played, W. A. Mozart : String Quartet K. 387 G Major, Kamran İnce “Curve” and R. Schumann's Piano Quintet In A, Op. 44. The intense applauses of the audience were rewarded with Brahms.

  • 12.09.2013The contracts for the construction of the integrated health campuses are signed.

    The contracts, for the Integrated Health Campuses which are going to be realized for the first time in Turkey, by the Public-Private Partnership Department of the Generale Directorate of Health Investments of the Ministry of Health through the implementation of the Public-Private-Partneship Financial Model, were signed on Thursday, September 12, 2013, in İstanbul in a ceremony with the participation of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Minister of Health Dr. Mehmet Müezzinoğlu.

    Within the scope of the signed contracts, the GAMA-TÜRKERLER Partnership has been authorized to construct the Integrated Health Campuses of İzmir Bayraklı and Kocaeli and it shall operate them for 25 years. Both health campuses will be constructed and put into services within the next three years. The İzmir Bayraklı Integrated Health Campus which will be realized on a land plot of 622 530 m2 will have a capacity of 2 060 beds and the Kocaeli Integrated Health Campus which will be realized on a land plot of 335 648 m2 will have a capacity of 1 180 beds.

  • 05.09.2013AÜ GAMA Vocational School had its first graduates.

    AÜ GAMA Vocational School which started its education in bio-medical main branch at the beginning of 2011-2012 academic year, had its first graduates. During the diploma ceremony held in the Vocational School Of Health at the Keçiören Campus of Ankara University, the graduates were a source of pride to their families, teachers and GAMA. The graduates have job offers from the intuitions where they had their internship even before their graduation and this was the indication of the strength of their education.

    We congratulate the graduates of AÜ GAMA Vocational School and wish them continued success in their future professional life. 



  • 18.07.2013GAMA HOLDING partnership brings water to Amman.

    A strategic project that will help alleviate the water shortage in Jordan’s capital, Amman, and the surrounding region is nearing full commercial operation. The Disi Water Conveyance Project, expected to be completed in October, is already providing partial water flow to immediately address Jordanians’ urgent need for water. Successful preliminary tests were conducted in which Disi water was transported to Amman.

    The King of Jordan -- His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al-Hussein -- Prime Minister and Minister of Defence H.E. Dr. Abdullah Ensour, Chief of the Royal Hashemite Court of Jordan Fayez Tarawneh, Jordan’s Minister of Water and Irrigation H.E. Dr. Hazim El-Nasser, GAMA Holding Deputy Chairman and CEO Hakan Özman and GAMA Energy Board Member and CEO Arif Özozan attended a ceremony inaugurating the water supply at the Madaba Pumping Station on July 17.

    Jordan's water resources per capita are among the world's lowest. Based on the current practice, water is delivered only once a week to Amman's residents. The country’s annual water consumption stands at 900 million cubic meters, however, authorities expect this figure to rise to 1.6 billion by 2015.

    The government of Jordan signed a concession agreement in 2008 with Diwaco (Disi Water Company), a GAMA Holding - GE Energy Financial Services partnership, to build and operate a 325-kilometer-long water pipeline. The project involves extracting 100 million cubic meters of water annually for 25 years, from an aquifer located under the Disi Region, and pumping the water through a 325-kilometer-long steel pipeline to the reservoirs in Amman, where it will be distributed to the public. After the end of the 25-year concession period, Diwaco will transfer the project to the Government of Jordan. The Disi Water Conveyance project will account for 6 percent of Jordan's total comsumption projected for 2015.

    The Disi Water Company successfully completed trials and provided partial water supply prior to full commercial operations, to meet Jordanians’ need for water in the summer, when demand is at its peak. Before being distributed to Jordanians, a series of tests in line with the World Health Organization directives were concluded. The distribution of water, found to be suitable for both potable and utility use, started July 10. The current capacity of 40% will be increased gradually upon the Ministry of Water and Irrigation's approval. .

    According to Minister of Water and Irrigation H.E. Dr. Hazim El-Nasser, initially Amman will be supplied with 110,000-130,000 cubic meters of water daily. “It is expected that people will start to receive water up to four days a week instead of once per week,” the Minister said. He added that Disi water will be distributed to other provinces in the Kingdom in the near future.

    The Disi Water Conveyance Project is the biggest Turkish investment in Jordan. The project, the largest privately funded water supply project in Jordan and in the surrounding region, received EMEA Finance’s “Best Infrastructure Deal in the Middle East: Disi-Mudawarra to Amman Water Conveyance System” award, as well as Euromoney’s Project Finance “Deal of the Year” award.


  • 12.06.2013GAMA Trade and Tourism Inc., has participated in The International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Fair (KOMATEK) on May 29-June 2,2013 in Ankara Atatürk Cultural Center.

    GAMA Trade and Tourism Inc., has participated in the largest trade fair of Turkey, International Construction Machinery, Technology and Equipment Trade Fair (KOMATEK) that is held every two years, on May 29-June 2, 2013 in Ankara Atatürk Cultural Center.

    KOMATEK fair is a very important marketing platform which brings together the representatives of the construction machinery industry, while enabling the customers to compare the wide range of products. GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc. participated the fair with a 750m² unique design area. GAMA Trading represented Zoomlion’s new generation concrete pumps, tower cranes and excavators, Lonking’s wheel loaders, Mustang’s skid steer loaders and Weber’s compact construction machineries. During the fair, important business connections have been realized.



  • 25.04.2013During the30 th International Ankara Music Festival, Johannes Moser and Ankara University Soloists concert was held on April 25 th, sponsored by the Goethe-Institute and GAMA Holding.

    In the 250th year of the Turkish-German diplomatic relations, this concert project has been developed to underlie the cultural cooperation of Turkey and Germany and to tribute the German composer Paul Hindemith who came to Turkey 77 years ago and worked with Necil Kazım Akses, one of the important representatives of Turkish quintets, in foundation and implementation of the State Conservatory. A world-renowned German cellist Johannes Moser and Turkey’s one of the leading chamber music ensembles, the Ankara University Soloists reunite Akses and Hindemith through their work. Moreover, they embodied Turkish-German artistic collaboration on the stage by F. Schubert’s quintet which they play together in the second half of the concert.


  • 03.04.2013President of the Republic of Turkey Abdullah GÜL is at GAMA Site in Riga on 3 April 2013.

    During his trip conducted by MÜSİAD, to Latvia, H.E. President Abdullah Gül visited Riga 420 MW Electricity / 270 MW Thermal Power Plant Project site of GAMA Holding at Riga. H.E. President Gül gathered information about GAMA Holding’s operations in Latvia and visited the project site.


    GAMA Power Systems Inc., an affiliate of GAMA Holding is the Turnkey EPC Contractor of 420 MW Electricity / 270 MW Thermal Power Plant which is constructed in Riga, the capital city of Latvia .
    Having participated in the international tender of Latvenergo, the energy generation and distribution company of Latvia, GAMA Power Systems Inc. was awarded with the 320 million Euro contract and in April 2010 started to carry out the works. The duration of the project is 39 months and it is planned to be completed on 6 July 2013. The completion level of the project by the end of 2012 is 97.5%.
    The chairman of GAMA Holding Mr. Ergil Ersü in his speech said that, the power plant comprises one gas turbine together with a generator, one stream turbine and its generator together with supporting equipment based on latest and state of art technology and design as configured, integrated and supplied by GAMA. Heat recovery steam generator and the three regional heating condensers in the stream turbine provide a full generation capacity or operating possibility in the modes of cogeneration (electricity + heating production), by making proper calibrations to meet the seasonal heating demand of the city of Riga. He added that this type of steam turbine exists only in some few countries in the world. He also said that upon the completion of the construction of the power plant, it will have an electricity generation capacity of 420 MW and as thermal power capacity of 270 MW.
  • 20.02.2013GAMA Building has been awarded in the 2nd. International Green Building Summit held in İstanbul on 18-19 February.

    Within the scope of the Summit, a symposia was held covering the topics of; An Overview of Green Buildings in Turkey ,Smart Cities and Communities in Future, Cooperation for More “Livable” Cities, Green Transformation of Construction Sector ,Financial Models in Green Transformation ,Approaches from Green Building Councils ,as well as demonstrations of Green Building Practices in Turkey.

    GAMA Building took place in the Green Building Reference Guide Book 2013, distributed during the conferences, as being the first “LEED-EB Gold certified building in Turkey”. In addition to that GAMA Building has received a prize for its contributions to the green building industry by the Turkish Green Building Council.


  • 05.11.2012Turkey’s first LEED EB GOLD certificate belongs to GAMA Holding.

    GAMA Holding received LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certificate given by US Green Building Council (USGBC) for third-party verification of green building standards. GAMA, is the first Turkish institution that is entitled to have LEED EB GOLD certificate for the Existing Building.

    GAMA Holding’s 20 thousand meter square building that houses 380 employees, has been arranged to become environmentally-conscious while providing the highest level of comfort and health standards for the offices. GAMA applied US Green Building Council on 26th. October 2011 and received its LEED EB Gold certificate on 5th. November 2012.

    Important work done especially for the energy efficiency in GAMA Holding Building which is assessed in seven categories; sustainable sites, water efficiency, energy & atmosphere, material efficiency, indoor air quality, design and site planning, and got 71 points that leads to be awarded with the gold certificate. In addition to the technical adjustments done for decreasing the energy consumption, with some little adjustments substantial amount of energy has been saved. As an example, automatically turning the lights off during the lunch break decreases daily energy consumption by 10 percent.

    GAMA Holding CEO Hakan Özman said “We as GAMA Holding are aware of the fact that sustainable development and economic growth should be realized while protecting the environment and the life quality of the society. We are doing our best as being a responsible corporate citizen with creating an energy culture among our employees. The best proof of it is to win the LEED Gold certification for Existing Building, the highest level achieved in Turkey. I congratulate all members of the GAMA family for their faith and effort in this process.”







  • 26.09.2012The students of Ankara University GAMA Vocational School have successfully completed 2011-2012 academic year.

    AÜ GAMA Vocational school bio-medical instrument technologies program students have completed their two month hospital internship program which will provide a significant competitive advantage to them after graduation. Most of our students will continue their internships in the same hospitals on their senior year, and some of them have already got job offers from the hospitals which they had their internships.

    The success of our school, whose main purpose is to raise qualified labor force for medical instrumentation sector and provide employment after graduation, belongs to our managers, teachers and students.

    The transfers from other vocational schools have filled the 30 students’ quota of AÜ GAMA Vocational school for the 2012-2013 academic years.
    GAMA Education Foundation will continue its scholarships for the successful students of the school. On the other hand, GAMA Educational Foundation will also provide additional English language classes given by TÖMER. All students will have 6 hours basic and occupational English classes additional to their original curriculum which has 4 hours weekly English language class.

    We believe the AÜ GAMA vocational school is a very good example for the cooperation of private sector-university, and our goal for our students is to reach world standards in their field of study.

  • 27.08.2012GAMA, ranked 94th. in the ENR's "The Top 225 International Contractors" listing.


    GAMA ranked 94th. in the “Top 225 International Contractors” listings of Engineering News Record Magazine (ENR) 2012 . The companies are ranked basing on the construction revenues in the international markets.

    GAMA  also got  the 196th place in the "Top 225 Global Contractors" listings of ENR. 

    GAMA ranked fourth among 33 Turkish Contractors that took part within the top 225 international companies where Turkish companies has the second highest number after the Chinese companies in the ENR listings.

  • 24.07.2012GAMA Holding and GE Energy Financial Services joint venture continues to support wind energy in Turkey.

    GAMA Energy, the joint venture of GAMA Holding and GE unit GE Energy Financial Services, has successfully completed the construction phase of the 10-MW Karadağ Wind Power Plant and obtained provisional acceptance from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources.

    GAMA Enerji has successfully completed the construction phase of the 10-MW Karadağ Wind Power Plant; obtained provisional acceptance from the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources on June 4, 2012, and the plant has started to generate electricity.

    Four 2.5 MW GE 2.5x100 turbines, which are regarded to be the most advanced in GE’s fleet in terms of efficiency, reliability and grid connection capabilities, are in operation at the site.

    GAMA Enerji is the investor and the operator of both the 10-MW Karadağ Wind Power Plant (Aliağa, İzmir) and also the 22.5-MW Sares Wind Power Plant (Ezine, Çanakkale), which commenced commercial operations in 2011.

    GAMA Enerji estimates that the two wind farms will generate enough electricity to power 59,000 Turkish homes and avoid 80,000 tons a year in greenhouse gas emissions. By focusing on a diverse production portfolio and renewable energy investments, GAMA Enerji aims to become an investor in all the areas of electricity generation and increase its total capacity to 2,500 MW.



  • 14.04.2012The inauguration of Ankara University GAMA Vocational School has been celebrated with a concert.

    A concert and a reception was held at the Presidential Symphony Orchestra concert hall, for the honor of Ankara University GAMA Vocational School’s inauguration, which was founded within the Vocational School Of Health at the Keçiören Campus of Ankara University and started its education at the beginning of 2011-2012 academic year, with the funding of GAMA Holding.

    The rector of Ankara University, Prof. Dr. Cemal Taluğ, The Honorary Chairman of GAMA Holding Erol Üçer, GAMA Holding management, faculty members and guests, attended to the opening night of the GAMA Vocational School which was founded to raise qualified labor force and the technicians specialized in medical devices required by the medical instrumentation sector within the framework of bio-medical instrument technologies program.

    Successful students are awarded various scholarships by GAMA Education Foundation. It is intended to increase the number and the variety of the sections of the school in the coming years. Ankara University, the biggest university hospital of Turkey, will provide GAMA Vocational School an important educational opportunity, with its large medical instrument park. The school will enable the specialization at the educational level and solve the recruitment problems of the medical instrumentation sector in Turkey.

    In the opening concert, the artists of Ankara University State Conservatory, Orhan Ahsıkal (violin), Ellen Jewett (violin), Çetin Aydar (viola), Sinan Dizmen (cello),and Özgür Aydın (piano) played, Shostakovich Piano Quintet in G minor, Op. 57 and  Brahms Piano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34.

  • 23.03.2012METU 13th Art Festival started on 23rd. of March.

    METU, the pioneer university in modern and scientific education in our country, is presenting numerous cultural events to art lovers with its 13th. METU Art Festival. An exhibition of Turkey’s leading artists, plays, concerts, ateliers and movies are among these activities.


    The METU 13th. Art Festival, sponsored by GAMA Holding, is held at Culture and Convention center between 23 March- 22 April 2012.

  • 23.12.2011GAMA Industry awarded in the “Export Category” at its “48th years prizes” by Ankara Chamber of Industry.

    In the event of its 48th anniversary of founding, Ankara Chamber of Industry awarded 48 industrial firms in corporate tax, income tax, export, R&D and environment categories.

    The ceremony hosted by Nurettin Özdebir the President of ACI and The Minister of Finance, Mehmet Şimşek, The Minister of Labor and Social Security, Faruk Çelik and The Minister of Economy, Zafer Çağlayan were attended to the ceremony in order to award the prizes.

    The Minister of Economy Zafer Çağlayan gave GAMA Industry’s prize in the “Export Category”.


  • 29.08.2011"The Top 225 Contractors of The World" in 2011 has been announced.

    McGraw-Hill/Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine has announced the Top 225 Contractors of the World in 2011 and GAMA has been ranked as the 75th biggest International Contractor. The companies are ranked based on the construction revenues in the international market. GAMA has also been ranked as the 143rd biggest contractor in the Global Contractors list as per the revenues of the companies both at home and international market. On the other hand GAMA listed 14th in the “Water Supply” sector of “Top International Contractors” listing of ENR.
    GAMA ranked second among  33 Turkish Contractors that took part within the top 225 companies where Turkish companies has the third highest number  after the Chinese companies in the ENR listings.

  • 25.07.2011GAMA and GE consortium open 800 MW power plant in Russian Federation.

    The 800 MW capacity combined cycle power plant, in the Surgut province of Russia, has been completed by the GAMA and GE consortium and put into operation.

    The facility, which has been constructed on basis of turnkey agreement signed in October 2007 with an approximate contract value of 600 million Euros, is of great importance as it will satisfy the energy need of the Mansisky region significantly; and also because it is the second investment of e.on group in Russia and, after the 400 MW combined cycle power plant in Shatura put into operation on November 26, 2010, the second EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) completed by GAMA and GE.

    In the project, GE completed the procurement of the gas turbine, steam turbine and heat recovery boiler in the main power block and GAMA Power Systems completed the engineering of the power plant, procurement of all equipment besides those part of the main power block, and construction, assembly and other work of the whole facility within the time schedule and at the desired quality.

    GAMA Holding with its worldwide experience in the construction of power plants and industrial facilities has been the EPC contractor of power plants with a total capacity of approximately 21,500 MW as of today.

    Chairman and Board Member of GAMA Holding Ergil Ersü, said “We are proud to see the Surgut power plant in operation. With these projects, GAMA plays an important role in heavy industry of Russia.” Mr. Ersü also stated that, “GAMA has taken part in the construction of many projects in Russia since the 1990's. It has recently completed the steel rolling plant project in Vyksa and the construction of a new melting furnace and rolling plant project in the Obninsk region is ongoing.”    

  • 21.06.2011Harnessing Turkey’s strong winds, GAMA Holding and GE EFS owned wind farm now powering the country, a first for their joint venture.

    NEW YORK and EZINE, Turkey – June 21, 2011 – Turkey’s newest wind farm – the first owned by a joint venture of GAMA Holding A.S. and GE (NYSE:GE) unit GE Energy Financial Services – is now selling clean electricity and helping the country meet its renewable energy generation targets, the companies announced today at an American Council on Renewable Energy conference in New York.

    The 22.5-megawatt Sares wind farm, located in one of Turkey’s most extreme wind regions near the city of Canakkale in the Ezine Region near the northwest coast, uses nine GE 2.5-megawatt turbines, some of the most advanced in GE’s fleet in efficiency, reliability and grid connection capabilities. Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources approved commercial operation of the Sares wind farm, the first in Turkey owned by Ankara-based GAMA Enerji A.Ş., the joint venture of GE EFS and GAMA Holding.

    “As a global investor, we are delighted to expand our renewable energy investing to Turkey, particularly using GE’s state-of-the-art turbines, to help the country meet its energy and environmental needs with a sustainable, efficient energy source like wind,” Kevin Walsh, a managing director and leader of Power and Renewable Energy at GE Energy Financial Services, said at the American Council on Renewable Energy’s Renewable Energy Finance Forum-Wall Street.

    Added Stephan Ritter, general manager of GE Renewables Europe: “The Turkish market’s potential for the wind business is very big. To realize that potential, we are committed to working with wind developers such as GAMA Enerji. As our most advanced installed wind turbine in efficiency, reliability and grid connection capabilities, the 2.5-megawatt series is an excellent match for a region with such extreme wind conditions.”

    The GE-GAMA joint venture is also developing the 10-megawatt Karadag wind farm, 350 kilometers south of Sares. Project construction, also using GE’s 2.5-megawatt turbines, is expected to start in the third quarter  of this year, with completion expected  in the second quarter of next year. While GAMA Enerji has invested in the Sares and Karadag projects, GE Energy will maintain them under a services agreement, and GAMA Enerji will operate them.

    GAMA Enerji Managing Director Semih Ergur said: “These wind farms not only support a cleaner environment but create jobs, support our company’s growth and help Turkey achieve its renewable energy goals.”

    GAMA Enerji estimates that the two wind farms will generate enough electricity to power 59,000 average Turkish homes and avoid 80,000 tons a year in greenhouse gas emissions. Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources aims to generate 20 percent of the country’s electricity from renewable resources by 2020.

    GE’s 2.5-megawatt wind turbines are used at two of the world´s largest wind projects: CEZ Romania’s 600-megawatt Fantanele wind farm, Europe’s largest onshore project; and the 845-megawatt Shepherds Flats wind project, the world’s largest wind farm, under construction in the US state of Oregon that is co-owned by GE Energy Financial Services, Caithness Energy, Google and subsidiaries of ITOCHU Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation. This machine is designed to yield the highest annual energy production in its class and builds on the success of GE’s 1.5-megawatt wind turbine, the world’s most widely deployed wind turbine, with more than 16,000 now installed.

  • 18.06.2011GAMA Power Systems and GAMA Industry have attended to the ICCI 2011 - 17th International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference.

    Having an important place in the world energy sector, 17th ICCI Fair and Conference took place in Istanbul Expo Center on June 15-16-17, 2011.

    As a follower of new practices and occupier of an important position in the sector, our companies of GAMA Power Systems and GAMA Industry participated in this notable activity, and shared their knowledge and experiences with the sector representatives.   

    Gathering the sector representatives, this conference has become a significant platform in terms of providing the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences on the subjects within the framework of an overview of the energy sector in Turkey and the world, such as liberalization and restructuring practices in energy, supply and demand projections, EU energy policies as well as on the technical subjects, such as cogeneration, high efficiency energy generation technologies, operation and management of the power plants, renewable energy, waste treatment, recycling systems and environmental technologies.
  • 07.06.2011Energy industry's milestone; Metcap Energy, selects GE's new Flex Efficiency technology for its integrated renewable source combined-cycle power plant.

    MetCap Energy Selects GE’s New FlexEfficiency Technology for World’s First Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle Power Plant
    The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services will be provided by GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc.

    • Landmark Project will Enable more Wind, Solar and Natural Gas for Turkish Power Grid
    • GE Technology Enables Plant Efficiency Greater than 70 Percent through Unprecedented Integration with Wind and Solar
    • eSolar will Provide Integrated Solar Thermal Tower Technology

    MILAN, ITALY—June 7, 2011—GE’s (NYSE: GE) breakthrough FlexEfficiency* technology has been selected for an innovative new power plant being developed by MetCap Energy Investments, a Turkish project developer, the two companies announced today at POWER-GEN Europe 2011. The project will produce the world’s first Integrated Renewables Combined Cycle (IRCC) Power Plant.  


    By designing the plant from a total equipment and control systems perspective and utilizing the flexibility of GE’s FlexEfficiency technology, engineers were able to seamlessly integrate natural gas, wind and solar thermal power. The FlexEfficiency 50 IRCC plant is designed for flexible operation by integrating a next-generation 50 Hz 9FB Gas Turbine, a steam turbine, a generator, 22 MW of GE wind turbines and 50 MW of eSolar concentrated solar thermal tower technology, all integrated by a GE Mark* VIe plant control system.


    “When we recently announced our breakthrough FlexEfficiency technology, we talked about being able to better integrate renewables with natural gas to produce cleaner, more affordable and reliable power. This project combines two renewable technologies and natural gas in the same power plant and demonstrates the benefits it can offer to power the future grid. Integrated renewable combined cycle power represents a significant growth opportunity for GE Energy. At MetCap’s site conditions, we will achieve 69 percent plant efficiency, and this technology provides the capability to deliver efficiency greater than 70 percent at Gas Turbine World conditions,” said Paul Browning, president and CEO-thermal products for GE Energy.


    “MetCap Energy is on the leading edge of power development and, with this project, they have set a new global standard for the efficient integration of natural gas and renewable energy. This is the first example of how our recent investment in eSolar will enable future growth opportunities for GE Energy, and we already are seeing a growing interest in the industry for this technology. It is another big step forward for GE’s ecomagination initiative and is in lock-step with our commitment to create a cleaner, more affordable energy future,” Browning added.


    The power plant will be located in Karaman, Turkey, and will be rated at 530 megawatts at site conditions, which is enough energy to power more than 600,000 homes. It is scheduled to enter commercial operation in 2015. The engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services will be provided by Gama Power Systems Engineering and Contracting, Inc.


    Dr. Celal Metin, chairman of MetCap Energy Investments, said: “At MetCap Energy, we believe our projects must simultaneously meet the need for increased energy, environmental responsibility and economic growth, while preserving precious water resources. GE’s FlexEfficiency technology was evaluated versus other state-of-the-art alternatives and was selected because it is best aligned with our vision for the future. In addition to record-setting fuel efficiency, this power plant will have zero liquid discharge, low emissions and a rapid-response, 28-minute start capability. It accomplishes this using an integrated controls system that provides single-button start for all of the elements of the IRCC power plant. And we’ve accomplished all of this with very attractive financial returns for our investment. We think this represents the future of power generation.”


    “GAMA is very excited to be involved in this first-of-a-kind integrated renewables combined cycle power plant together with GE. GAMA’s name always has been attached to challenging projects, and we look forward to successfully completing another one where MetCap’s decision to use leading-edge technology will ensure implementing many new innovations such as FlexEfficiency, zero liquid discharge, single button start and many more. We believe this project will set a standard for power generation investments where sunshine and wind is abundant in places like the Middle East,” said Gökhan İnanç, Member of the Board of Directors and Deputy Managing Director of GAMA Power Systems.


    “Since we started speaking with customers about the FlexEfficiency 50 technology last year, there has been great interest in the unique combination of flexibility and efficiency the plant can offer,” said Ricardo Cordoba, president of GE Energy’s Western European Region. “Now in just two short weeks, we have announced our first customer MetCap Energy, here in Europe. This technology breakthrough is being embraced by our customers, and it will transform the industry.”  


    On June 6, GE announced an investment and licensing agreement with eSolar, a provider of next-generation concentrated solar thermal tower technology. Under the agreement, GE will license and incorporate eSolar technology and software into its IRCC and standalone solar thermal power plants.
    “eSolar is proud to participate in this groundbreaking project, integrating our solar thermal tower technology with GE’s wind and FlexEfficiency gas-fired technologies. A significant advantage of solar thermal tower technology versus other renewables is its ability to integrate with thermal power plants and thereby mitigate the challenges of intermittency caused by the weather-related variability of wind and sunshine. This is an exciting new application for us and is clear evidence that our new alliance with GE will generate significant growth potential for our business,” said John Van Scoter, CEO and president of eSolar.
    The FlexEfficiency 50 plant is the result of more than $500 million invested by GE in research and development to deliver cleaner, more efficient energy. GE also has announced a $170 million investment in a first-of-its-kind full speed full load test facility in Greenville, S.C., that will provide factory validation of its new technology. In addition to the agreements with MetCap Energy and eSolar, GE has signed a memorandum of understanding with Harbin Electric Co. Ltd. to support the introduction of FlexEfficiency in China. Harbin has been teaming with GE since 2003 to provide heavy duty gas turbines for projects in China.

  • 25.02.2011Our efforts of bringing our employees from Sirte-Libya to Turkey successfully completed.

    Our efforts of bringing our employees from Sirte to Turkey has come to an end as of 21:25 hrs 25 February 2011.

    GAMA Industry’s status regarding the evacuation of Libya Project is as follows:

    • Total of Turkish personnel evacuated: 722
    • Total of citizens of other countries evacuated: 225 (the majority is Egyptian)
    • Total of GAMA personnel evacuated: 947

    With our last plane departing from Sirte to Turkey, in addition to GAMA employees, we had the opportunity to bring 38 personnel of Erkoç Construction, 11 personnel of Eren Construction and 3 Turkish visitors who were also stuck in Sirte.

    Therefore, the sum of people evacuated from Sirte is 999 persons (GAMA, its subcontractors, Erkoç, Eren, both Turkish and other nationalities).

  • 18.01.2011GAMA Enerji closed the deal with AGE Energy.

    Signing Ceremony (from left to right): Ilgın Sevin Özdemir – Business Development Analyst, Orkun Eyilik – Commercial Manager of GAMA Energy, Sırrı Vural Bilen – Energy Investments Coordinator, Gökhan Gökdoğan – Energy Investments Deputy Coordinator of AGE Energy.


    GAMA Energy has signed a one year term Power Purchase Agreement with AGE Energy in order to sell the generation of the Sares Wind Energy Power Plant commissioned on 23rd December 2010. Owned by a subsidiary of GAMA Energy, GARET Enerji Üretim ve Ticaret A.Ş., Sares WEPPis located in Ezine district of Çanakkale. The annual expected electricity generation of the plant is around 90 million kWh.


    Following the Agreement signed, Commercial Manager of GAMA Energy, Orkun Eyilik, assessed the current situation of the Turkish Electricity Market as “Due to the variable spot electricity prices, Wholesale Companies and Distribution Companies having portfolios with high consumption volumes are subject to considerable price volatility.  Therefore, the number of private to private bilateral agreements as well as the wholesale contracts between suppliers are expected to increase.”  The Long Term Supply Agreements; which are commonly used in foreign markets to manage and share market risk effectively, will provide market participants with better risk management by enabling energy trade prior to the construction of the generation assets as well. Currently, such transactions are increasing in number and consequently are improving the Turkish Electricity Market.



  • 28.12.2010GAMA awarded second at The International Construction Services.



    "The International Construction Services Awards” ceremony was held in Ankara by The Turkish Contractor Association. 


    At the Ceremony, the awards has been presented by The Prime Minister Erdoğan and The Minister of State for Foreign Trade, Zafer Çağlayan to the 33 Turkish Contractor who are listed at "The World’s Biggest 225 International Contractors” List.

    ENKA, GAMA and Rönesans ranked at the top levels in the list. The Engineering News’s Record listing is based on the previous year’s revenues gained from international operations. According to the 2010 figures, Turkey ranked second after China for the number of the companies. 
  • 15.12.2010Agreement for Hatay-Erzin natural gas combined cycle power plant project has been signed.
    HATAY, TURKEY – December 17, 2010 – Akenerji Elektrik Üretim A.S. has selected GE and GAMA Power Systems consortium for a combined cycle power plant in Hatay-Erzin, Turkey. This follows two large combined cycle power plants in Ireland and Russia that the consortium recently put into operation. The EPC bid of GAMA Power Systems and GE consortium with fixed price and delivery time was selected for a 900 MW new capacity of Hatay-Erzin natural gas combined cycle power plant.
    A contract was signed with Akenerji Elektrik Üretim A.S., one of the leading energy investors in Turkey, on December 15, 2010 for the turnkey project. The plant site is planned to start operation in 2014.
    To date the consortium has participated in the construction of power plants capable of generating approximately 2,000 MW of power and has experience in building power plants on the basis of EPC construction worldwide.
    The Hatay-Erzin power plant will be capable of generating highly flexible and efficient electric power with the use of advanced technology. The plant will be equipped with an advanced combustion system to help maintain compliance with environmental emissions criteria as applicable to European standards.
    Under this arrangement, GE will be responsible for procurement of the equipment in the main power island and GAMA Power Systems will be in charge of engineering, construction and installation of the power plant, as well as supplying the equipment outside of the main power island and other services.
  • 06.12.2010GAMA and GE commenced two power plants in one week.
    Following Shatura Energy Power Plant being put into operation last week in Russia by GAMA and GE, the same consortium commenced 2 large energy power plants in one week by completing Whitegate Energy Power Plant in Ireland. 
    450 MW combined cycle energy power plant constructed by GAMA and GE consortium was put into operation in the city of Whitegate in the south of the second largest city of the Republic of Ireland, Cork. Whitegate Energy Power Plant was turned over to the only natural gas distributor and supplier of Ireland (and the project authority) Bord Gais Eirann at the ceremony participated by GAMA managers and Mr. Michael Martin, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Ireland. 
    Contract price of Whitegate Power Plant, initiated with the contract undersigned in August 2007 and constructed on turn-key basis, is about 300 million Euros and will also meet almost 10% of the energy requirement of the total installed power of Ireland. 
    Whitegate Power Plant is the first natural gas operated power plant of Bord Gais, which is also active in the field of power generation and distribution. Whitegate Power Plant was entitled to occupational safety award by Irish authorities as it was constructed in line with the highest occupational safety standards within the framework of European Union norms. With the commencement of Whitegate Power Plant, the fifth power plant completed by GAMA in Ireland, the power plants constructed by GAMA will meet 30% of the energy requirement of Ireland. 
    Speaking of commencement of completed Power Plant, Ergil Ersü, Chairman of the Executive Board of GAMA Holding, stated that there had been many undertakings completed by GAMA in Ireland, but Whitegate Power Plant is the largest project amongst them. Pointing to the fact that Gama has constructed projects of housing, highways, office buildings and power plants in Ireland, Ergil Ersü mentioned that the total installed power of GAMA was increased to 1.500 MW in Ireland, which is a popular country due to recent economic crisis. 
    While the consortium partner GE provided gas turbine, steam turbine and generator equipments of the main power block of the project, GAMA Power Systems provided services of construction and assembly of the power plant, engineering and provision of all equipments except for those of the main power block.
  • 24.11.2010400 MW power plant completed by GAMA and GE in Russia has been brought into use.
    400 MW combined cycle power plant, construction of which was initiated in Shatura in the eastern part of Moscow as a result of the agreement signed in July 2007 has been completed by GAMA and GE consortium and put into operation. The facility, which has been constructed on basis of turn key agreement, has contract value of 300 Million Euros. The facility is of vital importance as it will satisfy the energy need of Moscow region to an important degree; moreover, it is the first new capacity investment of E.ON group in Russia and the first EPC completed in Russia by a foreign group.  
    GE, the consortium partner, supplied technical equipments such as gas turbine, steam turbine, heat recovery boiler and GAMA Power Systems provided engineering of the power plant, supplied all of the equipments excluding main power supply, and completed construction of the whole facility, assembling works and other tasks before the due date. 
    GAMA Power Systems, which has taken part in construction works of 19,000MW power plant in total and has international experience in building power plants in EPC basis, is expected to complete 800 MW capacity power plant with approximate contract value of 600 Million Euros in Surgut province of Russia in the Siberia Region in 2011.  
    Chairman of GAMA Holding, Ergil Ersü stated that they are proud to see Shatura plant in operation and underlined that GAMA plays an important role in heavy industry of Russia. Ergil Ersü also added that figured iron and construction iron production capacity will reach up to 944 thousand tons after steel rolling plant project with contract value of 429 Million Dollars initiated in 2009 in Vyksa, Russia and Electrosteel Melting and Casting Complex project with contract value of 277 Million Dollars in Kaluga are completed.


  • 25.09.2010GAMA is, again, among the top international contractors in 2010.
    McGraw-Hill/Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine has announced the "Top 225 Contractors of the World in 2010" and GAMA has been ranked as the 68th biggest International Contractor. The companies are ranked based on the construction revenues in the international market. GAMA was the 66th biggest in 2009.
    In 2010, 33 Turkish contractors in which GAMA is the second, took part within the top 225 companies, the second highest number after the Chinese companies.
    GAMA has also been ranked as the 143rd biggest contractor in the Global Contractors list as per the revenues of the companies both at home and international market.
  • 01.06.2010GAMA Honorary Chairman Erol ÜÇER was rewarded Metu Outsanding Service Award.
    GAMA Holding Honorary President Erol Üçer was deemed worthy of Outstanding Service Award at the ceremony organized for the 54th Foundation Anniversary of METU. 
    Every year METU Senate rewards the people who have achieved national and international success in the fields of science, technology and arts and significantly contributed to the development and modernization of the society. As a visionary leader in the foundation and development of GAMA Holding, which plays a significant role in the development of national economy with the projects it has completed in the sectors of construction, undertaking and energy and with innovations it has brought, Erol Üçer was rewarded by  METU Senate this year for that he sets examples in the business world and has a reliable and notable personality, that he makes efforts to protect Turkish artistic values and to enhance our artistic life as an art-lover, that he gives a helping hand to vulnerable children and adolescents and he is a social leader continuously producing projects to improve opportunities of education for adolescents, that he supports METU and other educational institutions financially and morally, that he is a real philanthropist who generously shares his time and experience as well as his financial contribution and that he is role model with the awareness of social responsibility.
    Üçer received his award from Rector Ahmet Acar and stated that this was the biggest award he has received throughout his life.  Üçer mentioned that METU graduates were given priority in the first years of GAMA among engineer candidates and said “We have seen in the past years that we made the right decision, because those colleagues later on became our partners, our managers.” Moreover, Üçer emphasized that this award further increased his determination and courage to address problems in the field of education.
  • 29.04.2010GAMA and GE launched their first wind project in Turkey.
    Ankara, Turkey  – April 29, 2010 – GAMA Energy A.S., a joint venture between GAMA Holding A.S. and GE (NYSE:GE) unit GE Energy Financial Services, today announced their first wind energy projects in Turkey, the 22.5-megawatt Sares and 10-megawatt Karadag wind farms in the country’s western region. The projects, costing a total €54 million, feature GE’s 2.5-megawatt wind turbines. 
    GAMA Energy, based in Ankara, is developing and investing in the projects while TSKB, the Industrial Development Bank of Turkey, is arranging and leading €44 million in debt financing. Additional details of the financial transactions were not disclosed. GE Energy is supplying 13 turbines and will operate and maintain them under a services agreement. 
    The projects’ power will be sold to the merchant market or will benefit from the Turkish regulated feed-in tariff. Construction of the Sares wind farm begins next week and is expected to be completed by the end of this year. Construction of the Karadag project is planned to begin later this year, with completion during the first quarter of 2011.
    According to GAMA Energy’s estimates, the wind farms are expected to generate enough electricity to power approximately 59,000 average Turkish homes and avoid approximately 80,000 tons a year in greenhouse gas emissions.
    GAMA Energy Managing Director and Board Member M. Arif Ozozan said: “Such wind projects as the ones we are launching today not only support a cleaner environment but create employment opportunities, support our company’s growth objectives and help Turkey achieve its renewable energy goals.” 
    “These projects represent the growth of our productive partnership with GE as well as our commitment to investing in Turkey’s growing energy sector,” said Hakan Ozman of GAMA Holding A.S.
    “This investment demonstrates Gama Energy’s ability to develop and execute high-quality energy projects,” said Andrew Marsden, managing director of Europe at GE Energy Financial Services. “In addition, this investment is in line with GE’s ecomagination program to help customers meet their environmental challenges, and it contributes to our global growth.” 
    Turkey’s Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources aims to generate 20 percent of its electricity production from renewable resources by 2020.  In wind energy, the country has developed just 600 megawatts of an estimated potential 88 gigawatts. “GE Energy Financial Services sees Turkey as an exciting renewable energy market with great prospects if government regulations and tariffs are set appropriately,” Marsden said.
  • 24.03.2010Contract for Riga 420 MW cogeneration power plant project – second unit signed in Latvia.


    Contract for Riga 420 MW Cogeneration Power Plant – Second Unit Project has been signed on March 3rd, 2010 with the owner Latvenergo power generation company, one of the largest companies in Latvia and the work has been officially commenced. The power plant will have a generating capacity of 410 MW electrical and 270 MW thermal output after its completion. The project is planned to be completed in 39 months.  
    Gas turbine will be supplied from GE and Steam Turbine will be supplied from Siemens. On December 2nd, 2008 European Investment Bank and on January 12th, 2010 European Bank of Reconstruction and Development have partially been declared their packages for the financing of the Project. When the project is completed, it will generate 15% of the installed power capacity of Riga.
  • 27.12.2009GAMA Enerji’s Lamas III and IV hydroelectric power plant opened with ceremony of the 55th Anniversary of DSİ.
    The inaugural of Lamas III and IV Hydroelectric Power Plant, has been celebrated as a part of the ceremony organized for the 55th Anniversary of General Directorate of State Hydraulic Works (DSİ). The run of river type power plant, which is an asset of GAMA Energy A.S., is located in Mersin province.
    The Vice-Chairmen of Justice and Development Party, Kürşad Tüzmen; Mersin’s Member of Parliament, Ali Er; Governor of Mersin, Hüseyin Aksoy; DSİ The Regional Directorate, Numan Doğan Gündüz and District Governor of Erdemli, İbrahim Özefe were among the participants of the ceremony held in Mersin. Governor Mr.Aksoy explained the general characteristics of the plant in a brief speech broadcasted simultaneously in İstanbul phase of the Ceremony as well. Expressing his gratitude, Mr.Aksoy also stated that Mersin’s  capacity of energy generation is leveled up to %37, including the Lamas III and IV HEPP with 37.3 MW installed capacity. In addition, it is also emphasized that the power plant, whose construction has started in 2007 and completed in two years, is managed to start the commercial operation one and a half year earlier than the foreseen date.  The power plant, with 4 turbine units in total, has a planned annual production of 150 million KWh.
  • 26.12.2009GAMA is in the list of "Top 100 European Contruction Companies".
    Deloitte LLP, an auditing, consulting and enterprice financement company based in the United Kingdom, published the ”European Powers of Construction 2009” report  identifying the 100 largest European construction companies. GAMA is one of the two Turkish companies succeeded to take part in the list.
    According to the report of Deloitte, GAMA Holding A.S had construction revenue of € 735 million in 2008 and ranked as the 85th largest European Contractor. 
    Another research has been announced by Engineering News Record Magazine of USA in the December 28, 2009 issue, ”ENR-Global Sourcebook 2009”. The construction companies are ranked by their annual construction revenue in each sector they were present worldwide, and GAMA has been ranked as the 
    • 5th Largest International Contractor in Industrial Process – Steel and Nonferrous Metals;
    • 11th Largest International Contractor in Power – Fossil Fuel Plants.
  • 01.12.2009President Abdullah Gül, attended the opening ceremony of the construction works of DISI project.


    Ribbon cutting during the ceremony, President Abdullah Gül and Jordan Prime Minister Nadir Dahari gave a start for the construction of the project which will extract the water located 600 meters  down in the district of Disi Mudawara, south of Jordan and transmit this water to Amman 325 km away.
    During his speech at the ceremony, President Gül, focusing particularly on the importance of Disi project drew the guests’ attention to the fact that such huge projects can be developed even at times of  crisis. Mr. Ebu Suud, Minister of  Water and Irrigation of Jordan, thanked to the participants of the project as Jordan tries to secure it’s water resources and  it is, to a large extend, with this project that the water security of Jordan will be ensured and that the project also lays the ground for future cooperation between Turkey and Jordan.
    GAMA Energy won the tender based on Build Operate & Transfer, launched in the mids of 2006 by the Government  of Jordan in order to meet the water demand of Amman, the Capital. The project includes the transfer  to Amman of 100 million cubic meter water per year which will be extracted from an underground water reservoir in Disi district, south of Jordan during a period of 25 years and the delivery of this water to be stored in Amman. The total investment cost of the project is around US$ 1 billion and the project facilities will be handed over to the Ministry of Water and Irrigation in the end of 25 year concession period.
  • 19.09.2009GATE has been awarded the EPC contract for the Kazakhstan Kashagan power plant new units.
    The contract for the construction of the units of Kazakhstan Kashagan Natural Gas Power Plant to be built for the Tranche-3 Project has been awarded to GATE (a subsidiary of GAMA with 50% share) by AGIP KCO on 18th of September 2009.
    The project is undertaken on EPC basis with a total amount of 172 million USD and will be completed in 31 months. The scope of works to be performed by GATE include engineering, procurement and construction of Gas Turbine and Diesel Generator Building, installation of 2 each 42 MW gas turbine generators and 3 each 6 MVA diesel generators supplied by AGIP KCO, extension of 110 KV switchyard, supply of 2 each 11/110kV 65 MVA and 2 each 20 MVA transformers, engineering, procurement and installation of HVAC, piping, electric power systems.
  • 01.09.2009GAMA is again among the top international contractors.
    McGraw-Hill/Engineering News Record (ENR) Magazine has announced the Top 225 Contractors of the World in 2009 and GAMA has been ranked as the 66th biggest International Contractor. The companies are ranked based on the construction revenues in the international market. Gama was the 60th biggest in 2008.
    In 2009, 31 Turkish Contractors in which GAMA is the second, took part within the top 225 companies, the second highest number after the Chinese companies.
    GAMA has also been ranked as the 145th biggest contractor (just the same as it was in 2008) in the Global Contractors list as per the revenues of the companies both at home and international market.
    The sectoral evaluation of the companies in 2009 will be issued in the Global Sourcebook of ENR in December 2009. In the sectoral rankings GAMA appears as the leading industrial plant contractor in Turkey and takes part in the global short lists -the first 10-15 contractors - especially in the power and industrial plant construction. 
  • 18.08.2009Kazakhstan Kashagan Oil Project Tranche-3 agreement has been signed.
    Kazakhstan Main Works Project - Oil Tranche-3 Extension The construction of the Oil Tranche-3 package of the Kashagan Petroleum Field Development Project in Kazakhstan has been ordered to the North Caspain Constructors (NCC) BV, in which Gama holds 50% of the shares, as an additional work to the ongoing Oil Tranche 1&2 Packages. The Addendum to the contract for the additional works was signed between NCC and AGIP KCO on 18.08.2009. According to the present bill of quantities, the total amount of the new package for Oil Tranche-3 adds up to 182 million USD. The construction will be executed by GATE, a subsidiary of Gama with 50 % share, and scheduled for completion by 30th of June, 2011.
  • 08.07.2009GAMA Enerji, is bringing water to Northern Jordan with an investment of US$1 billion.
    Ankara, Turkey and Amman, Jordan – July 8, 2009 – A milestone in a strategically important new water supply that will help alleviate a severe water shortage in Jordan’s capital and surrounding area has been reached with funding of construction of a pipeline project by GAMA Energy A.S., a joint venture between GAMA Holding A.S. and GE (NYSE:GE) unit GE Energy Financial Services. The US$1 billion Disi Water Conveyance Project includes construction of a 325-kilometer pipeline that will pump water from the Disi aquifer in Mudawarra to Jordan’s most populous city, the capital of Amman. The investment will create jobs and promote private sector participation in Jordan’s development.
    The Government of Jordan conceived the Disi Water Conveyance Project as part of its strategic plan to increase water supplies to the country’s growing population.  Jordan is one of the world’s most water-scarce countries, and the Disi project is a key solution. It is expected to supply Amman and surrounding areas with more than 100 million cubic meters of water a year. The use of water from the reservoir in Disi-Mudawarra started in the early 1980s for municipal and industrial purposes in the city of Aqaba.  
    The Disi project is the largest privately financed water supply project in Jordan and the surrounding countries.  GAMA Energy, based in Ankara, will invest approximately US$190 million, the Ministry of Water and Irrigation of Jordan will provide a US$300 million grant, and the Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the United States, the European Investment Bank and Proparco of France will collectively provide US$455 million in debt financing. The Jordanian ministry signed loan agreements with the EIB and the French Development Agency (AFD) on May 17.
    In 2007, the Government of Jordan awarded GAMA a concession to build and operate the water pipeline. GAMA Energy will own the project for a 25-year concession period, after which it transfers to the Government of Jordan. The first in a series of fundings was made today, with construction expected to begin this month. The project’s construction, by an affiliate of GAMA Holding, is expected to take four years and use an estimated 250,000 tons of steel and involve the digging of 55 wells. The project will extract water from the Disi well fields in the 320-kilometer-long Disi sandstone aquifer in Jordan and deliver it to the Abu Alanda Reservoir and the Dabuk Reservoir. Disi Amman Operation Maintenance LLC, fully owned by Suez Environnement, will provide long-term operations and maintenance services.
    Commenting on the Disi project, Prime Minister Dahabi of Jordan said: “This strategic project represents a milestone towards ensuring water security and addressing the country’s water shortage.”
    GAMA Energy Managing Director and Board Member M. Arif Ozozan said: “GAMA Energy is honored to help Jordan solve its water problem, improve the quality of life and accelerate the Jordanian economy through job creation and infrastructure improvement. We also take pride in the vote of confidence we won from the financial community by closing a $1 billion project amidst the worldwide economic downturn.” 
    Andrew Marsden, Managing Director of Europe at GE Energy Financial Services, said: “In keeping with GE’s commitment to expand its activities in the Middle East, this important project will help alleviate the critical water needs of the Kingdom of Jordan.” 
    “This transaction will provide GAMA with a solid infrastructure development foothold in the region while enhancing the value of the GAMA Energy growth platform,” said Hakan Ozman of GAMA Holding A.S.  
    OPIC Acting President Dr. Lawrence Spinelli said, “Improving the provision of water, particularly in a water-scarce country such as Jordan, is the most important developmental challenge any nation faces. OPIC is extremely pleased to be part of the historic Disi aquifer project, which will help to alleviate a severe water shortage in Jordan, and to do so in partnership with GE Energy Financial Services and the other project sponsors.”
    Jordan’s water resources per capita are among the world’s lowest. Water is delivered only once a week to Amman’s residents. Jordan's annual water consumption is 900 million cubic meters, and it will need 1.6 billion cubic meters per year to meet its requirements by 2015. The Disi Water Conveyance Project will account for approximately 6 percent of Jordan’s total consumption projected in 2015.
    GE's investment in the Jordanian water project is the latest in a series of initiatives the company has undertaken in just the past month in the region.  On June 23, GE announced the opening of a nearly $10 million GE Saudi Water & Process Technology Center in Damman, Saudi Arabia, the second GE Water facility in the Gulf.  On June 11, GE Energy announced it had signed contracts totaling more than US$500 million to supply advanced power generation equipment and long-term services for the Al Dur Independent Water and Power Project, the largest power plant in the Kingdom of Bahrain.  GE and Mubadala Development Company announced May 31 the signing of a US$8 billion commercial finance joint venture agreement and establishment of a regional training center for next-generation business leaders.

    Pipes shown in this photo will be used to construct the US$1 billion, 325-kilometer Disi Water Conveyance Project that will pump more than 100 million cubic meters of water a year to Jordan’s most populous city, the capital of Amman.GAMA Energy, a joint venture of GE Energy Financial Services and GAMA Holding, is investing in this project.  

  • 22.04.2009GAMA arranged 50th Year Concert.

    GAMA Holding sponsored Istanbul Music Ensemble concert on 22nd April within scope of 26th International Ankara Music Festival as the first activity in which Gama announced its 50th anniversary. Under direction of Maestro Kamran Ince and with soloist Cihat Aşkın, one of the outstanding virtuosos of our days and international representatives of Turkish Violin School, the orchestra performed works named Music for a Lost World and Imagination Lines.

    Sevda Cenap And Music Foundation 26th International Ankara Music Festival was held between 4th and 30th April 2009. French, Croatian, German, Serbian, Italian, Czech and Belgian performers attended to the festival along with Turkish ones like every year.

  • 16.03.2009GAMA Holding hosted foreign press members at gala dinner for the press in 5th World Water Forum.

    World Water Forum, which is arranged triennially by World Water Council with cooperation of authorities of the host country, was held from March 16th to 22nd 2009 in Istanbul with nearly 20,000 participants from 192 countries.

    Gala Dinner for the press was given within 5th World Water Forum activities under sponsorship of GAMA Holding between 20:00-23:00 on Thursday evening at Suada (former Galatasaray Island) where foreign press members were hosted. Minister of Environment and Forestry Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroğlu, Jordan Water Minister Mr. Raed Abou Saoud, Secretary General of the 5th World Water Forum Oktay Tabasaran, General Manager of Gama Enerji Arif Özozan representing Gama Holding and top level managers of Gama Energy attended to the dinner.

    At the dinner, Minister of Environment and Forestry Mr. Eroğlu said that the forum had found a wider significance since Istanbul is a bridge between two continents. Jordan Water and Irrigation Minister Mr. Raed Abou Saoud provided information regarding the project executed by Gama Holding which includes work for bringing fresh water to cities in his country. Abu Saoud mentioned that he did not come only to attend the form and told that he would also discuss financial details regarding the project. Secretary General of the 5th World Water Forum Oktay Tabasaran thanked every contributor, stating that arrangement of the forum in Turkey had made them proud. General Manager of Gama Enerji Mr. Özozan provided information on the project carried out in Jordan and said, “Everything affecting water positively or negatively can be considered during work regarding water. A great variety of problems on water are experienced throughout the world. We also want to contribute in solution of these problems.”

  • 15.12.2008GAMA has been ranked 13th in ENR listings for industrial plant constraction.

    According to Engineering News Record Magazine’s in 2008, GAMA has moved up from 64th place to 60th place in the “Top 225 International Contractors” list. GAMA has been ranked as the 4th biggest International Contractor in fossil fuel plants in energy sector, 5th  biggest contractor in chemical plant, 16th biggest contractor in power plant and 13th biggest in industrial process construction.

  • 26.09.2008GAMA Trading & Tourism Inc.,won the tender for Turkey's first Mobile Surgical Hospital Project.

    GAMA Trading & Tourism Inc., has been awarded to realize first Mobile Hospital of Turkey from Ministry of Defence - Defense Industry Secretariat. Uniteam International company from Norway, who have experience in the field of Mobile Hospitals will support us in this project. Project period is 18,5 months and the project consist of two facilities “Surgical Field Hospital" and "Mobile First Aid Station”. Structure is made from aluminum and steel containers and inflatable tents. All the components of the system to be transported by tactical wheeled vehicles.


     Surgical Field Hospital and Mobile First Aid Station:


    Surgical Field Hospital with 30 Beds is a mobile hospital in where advanced surgical treatments, as regards to emergency, first aid, bleed stopping, life, member and organ saver, in war and peace, and in  disasters, are implemented as well as patients and injured ones are traced in intensive care unit and discharge preparations are carried out. The Hospital is in modular structure and has a capacity to utilize performing concurrently minimum 2 operations, as well as 30 beds, excluding 6 intensive care beds. It is possible to increase capacity up to 66 beds. The System shall be designed as modular structure.  Emergency service and Surgery Rooms of the Hospital will be functional maximum within 3 hours.


     Mobile First Aid Station (MFAS):


     Mobile First Aid Station, is the first aid centers in where triage treatment is made for patients and injured ones, applying necessary cures to lightly injured, walking wounded ones and be dispatched to the front thereafter, emergency first aid, advanced life support and bleed stopping surgery is applied as life saver to the seriously wounded ones and enabling the patients are quickly dispatched to the rear hospitals and consequent discharging preparations are performed for this intention. First Aid Station is in modular structure and has a capacity to utilize performing of concurrently 2 emergency treatments and operations as well as being able to apply care and treatment to total 20 patients as 6 intensive care and 14 bedfast cares. Triage tent and four dependant units of the First Aid Station will be functional maximum within 2 hours.

  • 18.08.2008GAMA has moved up to 60th place in ENR’s 2008 listings.
  • 25.09.2007GAMA Enerji has been announced the preferred bidder for DISI-MUDAWARRA-AMMAN project.
    The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan has for the purposes of meeting the demand for water in the Amman region, announced in 2006 a tender for a BOO project.

    The Project consists of extracting water from the underground reserves located in DISI, south of Jordan and to supply it through a 320 km long steel pipeline to Amman and storage facilities to be constructed in Amman, for a period of 25 years with a yearly capacity of 100 million cubic meters.

    Following a total investment of $1 billion and an operation and maintenance of the facilities for 25 years, the project shall be transferred to the Kingdom of Jordan.

    His Excellency Marouf Bakhit, Prime Minister of Jordan, announced to the news agencies that the Turkish company GAMA Energy A.Ş. had, through the competitive bidding process, won the tender against the Kuwaiti and Spanish-Italian consortium.

    As a subsidiary of GAMA Holding A.Ş., GAMA Energy A.Ş. undertakes on behalf of GAMA all investments, contracting and management in water infrastructure and energy generation, transmission, distribution and wholesale activities within the GAMA Group.

    The GAMA Group has previously carried out other projects in Jordan. In 1982-1983 GAMA undertook Ain Ghazal Sewage Treatment Project, between 1983 and 1986; the Khirbet Al Waste Water Stabilization Tanks Project in Samra, and the engineering, procurement and construction of the 300 MW Combined Cycle Samra power plant Project, which were successfully completed. 
  • 04.06.2007GAMA Power Systems has been awarded the EPC contract for Skopje Power and District Heating Plant.

    GAMA Power Systems has signed a contract with TE-TO AD, a Russian-Macedonian company, in a Consortium Partnership with Alstom Switzerland Ltd. on 11 May 2007 for the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPC) of a Combined Heat and Power Plant in Skopje, Macedonia.

    The Plant will export 220 MWe to the national grid and will produce 160 MWt for 60% demand of the district heating water for the city of Skopje. NTP is issued to GAMA Power Systems - Alstom Consortium on 31 May 2007. Construction works will commence on August-2007 and the project is targeted to achieve COD on 31 August 2009. 

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