Lonking CDM858 - 19T

Lonking Holdings is one of the leading Wheel Loader manufacturers and suppliers in China. Having been established in year 1993, the Company is very experienced in construction machinery manufacturing and supply. Loaders, rollers, excavators and forklifts are amongst Lonking’s most preferred products. Thanks to paying utmost importance to product quality and reliability, their products are CE and PCT certified and they are well accepted in Turkey, Iran, Russia, Algeria, Brasil, South Africa and many other countries.


  • Independent air cooling system
  • ZF4WG-200 Transmission, ZF axles
  • Single arm pilot control, dual pump technology with combined flow
  • Electronic boom arm position lock mechanism
  • Wet type brake system, hydraulic strong parking brake
  • Manufactured in compliance with CE norms
Technical Specifications
General Data
Bucket capacity (m3) 3
Rated payload (kg) 5000
Operating Weight (kg) 18960±300
Max.rimpull (kN) 155±3
Max. breakout force  (kN) 170±3
Travel speed (km/h)
Forward 6,8 13 23 36
Reverse 6,8 13 23  
Make, Model CUMMINS QSB6.7-C220
Rated power (kw/rpm) 164/2200
Max.torque (Nm/rpm) 949/1500
Operating Voltage (V) 24
Travel System
Torque converter Single Stage, single turbine, 3 elements
Torque Ratio 2,55
Transmission Powershift
Shift 4 Forward / 3 Reverse
Transmission Pressure (MPa) 1.6~1.8
Main Reductor Spiral bevel gear, 1 stage reduction
Final Reductor Planetary reduction
Tyres 23.5-25 L-3 16PR
Brake System
Service brake type Hydrostatic wet brake
Operating Pressure (MPa) 0,78
Parking Braking Air driven caliper brake
Emergency Brake Hydraulic drum brake
Steering system
Type Load-sensing hydraulic steering system
Cylinders * BorexStroke (mm) 2-100×324
Steering Pump Gear Pump
System Pressure (MPa) 16
Flowrate (L/min/RPM) 176/2200
Steering Angle ±35°
Hydraulic System
Lift Cylinders * BorexStroke (mm) 2-180×836
Tilt Cylinders * BorexStroke (mm) 1-200×559
Model of Implement Pump Dişli pompa
Flowrate (L/min/RPM) 220/2200
System Pressure (MPa) 16
Pilot Control System Pressure 2,5
Hydraulic Cycle Time, Rated Load in Bucket (in second)
  Raise (Loaded) Dump Lower (Empty) Total
6 1 4 11
Electrical System
System Voltage (V) 24
Battery (2 in series) (Ah) 120
Lamp Voltage (V) 24
Service Refill Capacity
Fuel Tank (L) 285
Hydraulic Tank (L) 285
Crankshaft (L) 20
Transmission (L) 45
Front Axle (L) / Rear Axle (L) 28/28
Air Conditioning System
Heating Capacity (W) 5800 (±10%)
Cooling Capacity (W) 4500 (±10%)
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