History and Company Profile


Initially founded in 1959, GAMA established Fenni and GAMA Construction Group Ltd. in order to expand its project activities to include mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and erection works, which at that time in Turkey were undertaken only by international companies. GAMA also became the Turkish representative of American company “Babcock and Wilcox” Company, who is recognised as the inventor of steam boilers utilized in large thermal power plants. With its new structure, GAMA targeted the construction of technology based industrial plants, and in particular power generation facilities, which at that time, had not been constructed by any Turkish company. In 1963, GAMA successfully completed its first project in the field of energy contracting, namely; the steam boiler component of the Mersin Thermal Power Plant, acting as the subcontractor of Babcock Wilcox. Following this important milestone, GAMA became the first Turkish companyto be qualified by the World Bank for the construction of industrial plants and started the construction of turnkey projects in Turkey. In 1964, GAMA became the first Turkish company to act as the lead contractor for an energy project with the construction of the 4x25 MW Mersin Thermal Power Plant.

GAMA gained further experience in the following years and expanded its contracting and construction capabilities completing power plant projects, petrol facilities, cement factories, along with petro-chemical and gas plants. In addition, GAMA also constructed highrise buildings, water treatment facilities, transmission lines, bridges and various other infrastructure projects which contributed significantly to the development and industrialization of Turkey.

The GAMA group companies, also expanded internationally from the early 1970’s with substantial infrastructure projects completed throughout the Middle East, Russia, Eurasia, South East Asia, North Africa and Ireland.
GAMA reorganized its corporate structure through 2002 and on June 2, 2003 GAMA Holding was formed, providing a holding structure for the GAMA businesses. GAMA Holding Inc. consists of five major companies; GAMA Enerji A.Ş., GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc., GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc., GAMA International BV with international affiliates and GAMA Trading and Tourism Inc., each of which have companies and partnerships under their own structures.


During the 2002 re-structuring process, GAMA Holding formed GAMA Enerji and placed its energy and water investment companies comprising: İzmit Water, Birecik Hydroelectric Power Plant, Trakya Electricity and TGT Energy under one company. The project companies owned by GAMA Enerji represent Turkey’s first build-operate-transfer energy and water infrastructure projects where GAMA participated as both a construction company and an investor. The Tynagh Combined Natural Gas Cycle Power Plant, located in Ireland was GAMA’s first international energy investment. The project commenced construction in 2004 and entered commercial operation in 2006. GAMA Enerji is now an energy and water development and investment company with asset investments across the full range of generation technologies including convention power and renewables.


Since 1963, GAMA Power Systems has completed the project design, engineering, procurement and construction of many steam boilers and energy facilities in addition to providing operation and maintenance services. With its experience and technical capability, the Company is able to undertake the full scope of power systems projects. As a result of its development and experience profile extending into the provision of total power systems, the corporate name of GAMA Steam Boiler Technology Inc. was changed in 2003 to GAMA Power Systems Engineering and Contracting Inc. GAMA Power Systems is actively engaged in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of the power plants in Turkey and internationally. The company has made significant progress in a short timeframe and is now an important company focused on the execution of turnkey projects on an EPC basis.


In 1959 GAMA Construction Ltd was established to undertake mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and assembly works. The key technical and administrative personnel joined GAMA Construction Ltd. Company as partners in 1970, establishing GAMA Industrial Plants Manufacturing and Erection Inc. Having expanded its activities since the early 1970s, GAMA Industry carries out turnkey construction works of highrise buildings, business and shopping centres, dwellings, tourism facilities, social and cultural facilities, health facilities, dams, underground systems and infrastructure facilities. In addition, GAMA Industry also undertakes the construction component of thermal power plants, refineries, petro-chemical facilities, hydroelectric plants, chemical and metallurgical plants, cement factories and pipelines. GAMA Industry has successfully completed many large-scale global projects in more than 25 countries including Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Ireland, Russia, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Ukraine, Libya, Yemen, Qatar, Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.


In the reorganization process of the GAMA group companies, GAMA International B.V. was established in 2003 in the Netherlands with the objective of increasing GAMA’s position in international markets. GAMA International B.V acts as the umbrella company for international activities in the fields of: turnkey construction, manufacture and assembly of industrial facilities, power plants and pipelines and construction of infrastructure facilities, multi-storey buildings, trade centres and dwelling complexes.


In addition to GAMA’s contracting and energy businesses, GAMA Trade and Tourism a further company which focusses on the provision of sales and after sales services of construction equipment, international trade of industrial and construction materials along with the procurement of machinery and technological products and their logistical services. In addition, GAMA Trade and Tourism also provides turnkey procurement of mobile surgical hospitals and mobile first aid stations.



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